Bigger than a bread box, smaller than a full-blown campaign, these projects are some of our favorites. Enjoy!

Identity Update | Product Line photography | EU Catalog | EU Packaging

This telescoping ladder is rungs above the rest for innovation and quality, yet consumers were confused by a profusion of knock-offs. Our contemporary, high-end look elevates the line to its proper status. An immediate hit with European buyers, the new branding will soon be extended into US marketing materials.

Brand Identity and Tagline | Retail Packaging System and Merchandising | Vehicle Graphics

When you’re selling 250 bulk teas that must be brewed just so, you need a system. After revamping the TeaSource identity with an original tea-infused mandala, we designed a packaging process that helps retail team members give every customer and every purchase a personal touch. TeaSource isn’t just any tea seller, and now its brand and customer experience align with its exceptional products.

Packaging Design (Concept Work)

Does medical product packaging have to look sterile? When the quality is as good as McKesson’s, we believe it can carry off the cache of CPG brands. Bold, colorful patterns and clear messaging hierarchies make products easy to identify among cluttered inventories, and just a little more delightful to pull off the shelf.

Brand Identity | Environmental Signage

Hoping to attract business and tourism, many within the City of Forest Lake felt a new brand identity was in order. But not everyone. We worked with the city’s Economic Development Authority, City Council and residents to bridge differences and build consensus. Only then did we create their new identity. The reviews are in, and from the Mayor on down, people are proud of their city’s iconic new brand and that it’s created buzz among other Minnesota towns.

Infographics for Lutheran Social Services and Wilder Foundation

These infographics may look gamelike, but they pack a valuable punch. Lobbyists are using them to build legislative support and funding for social services for children, vulnerable adults and others at risk.

Video Scripting | Talent Direction

Pharmacy benefits administration is highly competitive but isn’t particularly sexy. This six-video campaign taps into character-driven storytelling to convey all the nuts and bolts in a memorable, engaging way and helps Prime rise above the clinical clutter.